Meet 'Thrive Pilates' in Wellington!

How did you decide upon the name 'Thrive Pilates'?

I think the word Thrive is meaningful - especially at this time when, as a collective, our country has become so sick and sedentary that surviving has become an acceptable goal. Surviving shouldn't be our goal...THRIVING should be. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we often think they are. Also, the name Thrive is a tip of the hat to Brendan Brazier who I came across while living in Canada. He introduced me to the plant-based world which started my healthy living journey. His book is called Thrive. 

Where is your studio located?

Thrive is located in the heart of Wellington CBD. We cater perfectly for anyone who works, lives or plays in Wellington City!


Tell us about your handstand classes, they sound like a challenge!

We have a group of die-hard handstanders...their dedication is so impressive. There is a lot more to performing a perfect handstand than meets the eye so this class focuses on all the drills and skills required to safely execute this fun skill.


What are your Pilates Jumpboard classes?

SWEATY! These classes are perfect for clients wanting to add some cardio or more dynamic movement to their workout schedule. You pretty much fly/glide/laugh your way to a more toned bod ;)


Do you have a wide variety of people visiting your studio?

Most of our clients work or live in the Wellington CBD. They are predominantly office based workers however we also have a good number of hard core runners and cyclists who use pilates as a form of conditioning and injury prevention. We have ALL shapes, sizes and abilities...and LOVE IT! 


What's the best way to book one of your classes?

You can find us on Mindbody or visit the contact page of our website


How many instructors work at Thrive Pilates?

We have 4 Pilates instructors and 3 Yin Yoga instructors. We are so lucky to have such an experienced, enthusiastic crew. As an owner, I feel VERY fortunate with our Pilates and Yoga family.


Do you have any plans to expand your studio to other locations?

We have thought about this and are keeping an open mind. In the mean time, we are focusing on constantly trying to be BETTER rather than bigger. We have also started a corporate version of Thrive called Thrive Wellness. This service offers pilates, yoga and massage for workplaces in the Wellington region.


Tell us about a typical day for you and your team.

Our first class starts nice and early at 6:30am. We normally have around 7 group classes a day and a handful of private clients booked throughout the day. Like any studio, it can be a little bit of a juggling act at times but we are grateful for how busy we have become. When we aren't teaching, we are often doing our own practice to come up with new and imaginative moves!