Latest Pilates Accessories of 2018 And Whether You Need Them

Whether you’re a Pilates beginner or consider yourself a Pilates pro, chances are you’ve seen a range of Pilates equipment out there, each one promising to take your workout to the next level if you are add into your normal Pilates routine. From grip socks to magic circles and more, there are a number of new accessories and equipment being released all the time. But are they worth spending money on? And will they actually make a difference to your routine?

Well, we went on a mission to try them out to let you know. We've listed some of the latest pilates accessories of 2018 below and here are our thoughts of whether you actually need them or not. 

Latest Pilates Accessories of 2018 - Grip Socks.

Grip socks are probably the most well-known Pilates accessory and are frequently used not only for Pilates but for barre work-outs, ballet and yoga as well. They are basically socks with non-slip silicone grips from head to toe, that help you perform in your routines safely and without slipping, especially when you’re moving from one transition to the next.  They'll stabilise you on the reformer machine as well as on a tiled, shiny wood or carpet floor and keep your feet in place, so you can focus on engaging in the exercise. They can also prevent injury as well.

The other great thing about grip socks is they are also used as a hygienic barrier between your skin and germs on the floor or mat and equipment. They’ll keep your feet warm if necessary and for those with a history of foot pain and injury, there are even grip-socks that feature arch compression to make your workout more comfortable.

If you are going to invest in one thing to help enhance your performance and increase stability in your Pilates routine, then a good pair of grip socks will make a significant difference to your work-out. And with our fashionable and on point range  starting from 17.50, they won’t break the bank either.


A Magic Ring Accessory For Pilates 

The Magic Ring, also known as the Pilates Ring, is an accessory used to add resistance to body parts during your Pilates workout to further tone, strengthen and sculpt. It’s usually made of flexible metal or rubber with small pads on each side and can be used to further target each section of your body, whether it's the upper, core or lower body.

The magic ring works the body basically through resistance training, minus the heavy weights we use in gyms. It also has a low maximum resistance threshold and is less likely to result in injury.  It was actually created by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates creator himself, to use as a secondary prop during pilates workouts. And to provide minor to moderate resistance, and help your body recognise the individual muscles that are being used in various Pilates exercises.

Do you need it? Yes and no. If you are in a pilates plateau it can be the difference between quicker results, versatility, greater tone and strength, better balance, and increased endurance. However, as a beginner, it might be better to start small and work up to a magic ring later on.


Pilates Foam Rollers

A Pilates Foam Roller can help benefit a pilates work out in a lot of ways. It can help provide support, develop balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility and dynamic strength during your workout. It's also easy to use and extremely effective to activate deep core muscles and strengthen extremities. It is also helpful for myofascial release and self-massage.

For an inexpensive accessory for your Pilates workout, it could be worth investing in a Foam Roller for around $25. But if not, it's likely your instructors in your studio will have some spare to use when you need them.

A High-Quality Pilates Mat

All Pilates studios will provide the equipment you need to use for your routine, however, if you're looking to do a Pilates workout at home, then a mat is essential to be able to workout safely and effectively. But can you use any old mat or even a yoga mat? Ideally, no. A mat made specifically for Pilates is the best option when possible.

In a Pilates routine, there are a larger number of exercises on your back and stomach in comparison to yoga that employs much more standing exercises. For that reason it is imperative that the mat used for Pilates is thicker and denser than a yoga mat. And a yoga mat may not necessarily be safe for your workout.

If you are looking at practicing Pilates at home regularly, then its definitely worth investing in a good Pilates mat. A good Pilates mat starts at around $40.

Still confused about what Pilates Accessories to use and whether you need them? Why not check out the rest of our site and see if we have what you need. You can start shopping here.