Inspiration Behind the Varsity Collection

Want to know what inspired our Design Team to create our latest Varsity Collection? We sat down with the team to chat about their inspirations and where they sourced their creativity and ideas from and got a sneak peek into what’s in the pipeline. 

 Inspiration Behind the Varsity Collection 

The Varsity Collection was inspired by the return of the retro-athleisure wear trend that took the 90’s by storm. The late 80’s and early 90’s was a real vibe and the millennials and Gen Zs are creating a real cultural shift with their fashion statements this year looking back to these trends. 

The late 80’s and early 90’s marked the start of sportswear being worn in everyday fashion, which we see even more of today. Iconic brands like Adidas, Reebok, Nike and FILA started emblazing their logos on garments and accessories, and they had fun with it! We have been seeing a resurgence of this for the past few years. The Varsity Collection colour palette is very ‘tennis court’ meets ‘country club’ inspired – preppy pinks, crisp whites with tennis court green and ‘sporty’ geometric patterns that encompass the 80/90’s retro vibe. 

Inspiration Sources 

Anywhere, everywhere and anytime! The team loves to look through vintage fashion magazines, runway shows, old-school branding, packaging and even art! Inspiration can come from anywhere; sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected things. The design team love experimenting with different colour and pattern combinations along with textures and silhouettes.  

Favourite Pieces from the Collection 

The team couldn’t pick just one! The top picks among the team are the Preppy Volley Ace Classic Low Rise – white, green and navy is a classic combination and really expresses the retro-athleisure vibe that the Varsity Collection was inspired by. Along with the Preppy Ribbed Navy Crew Socks and the beautiful Cork Mats that are made with 100% natural cork and are biodegradable and eco-friendly – we are bringing more and more sustainable materials into our upcoming collections and cannot wait to show you more! 

How does customer feedback impact designs for upcoming collections? 

As designers, our team is driven by consumers; what drives a consumer to a particular product and why. Some key questions the team ask themselves when designing a collection are: What was it about the product that initially attracted them? Was it colour, pattern, fit, fabrication… design is all about merging aesthetics with function. What better way to continue creating beautiful products than understanding what our customers react best to and love. 

An Insight into our Next Collection 

Fun, eye-catching, and positive are the keywords to describe what’s coming next! Think bright florals…The team truly had fun with this collection and we hope it brings a smile to everyone.