Say Hello to Belle Movement

Tell us the story behind Belle Movement.

It is a looonngg stotry. But one that is worth telling!

I will start at the end... "Belle" she is my alter ego. She is brave, confident, strong, fun, compassionate and unflappable. And right this second (in this C-19 crisis) that has never been more true! 

Now let's rewind to the start! 

For the last decade I had worked with high performance athletes in a fairly intense environment. My Family and I relocated to the Central Coast of NSW just after my second baby was born. I have always had a love for pilates. When we moved, there weren't many, infact any, pilates studio's that were child friendly. So, I thought I would try this crazy thing, where I found a space where I could deliver Pilates and Playdate. I hired an Nanny, found a safe space and in August 2018 we started. 

We began in the local Surf Life Saving Club and then moved into our very own space 1 year ago, we added reformers and a purpose built "PlayDate Space". In 2018 we had 2 classes per week and Feb 2020 we have 45 classes per week. 

The most special thing about Belle Movement, is the community that has grown within these walls. It is amazing! 

Now, in March 2020 - we have had to pivot to online! Which is super exciting. It has been such a challenge, but one that I feel will take Belle to the next level! 

You offer many different types of classes; Burn, Control, Mat, Rejuvenate, Fusion, Glow, Babies, as well as Private. Can you explain the differences between them all.

We have such a variety! 

Control is our introductory reformer class. Smooth, flowy attention to detail. However - our experienced clients love this class as well. They get a lot from slowing down as well!

Burn - this is our faster paced, strength focused reformer class. This brings up the sweat level quite a bit! We often use the jump boards in this class or combine some heavier weights. Our clients looovve this class. 

Fusion - This is our circuit class. Reformer, strength, conditioning and stretching. Basically all of the things that I love about moving in one place! 

Mat - Mat is exactly that. A traditional mat class. And just quietly - my Mat teachers are AMAZING. Even my reformer enthusiasts loooovve the mat classes that my girls deliver. 

Babies - This is our early post natal class. Myself and my staff have done a lot of training in this area with industry experts such as women's health physio and exercise physiologists. We focus very much on post natal recovery and safe return to exercise. 

Glow - Our pregnancy classes for those glowing Mumma's to be. Again, we have do a lot of training in this area with industry experts and feel that we can offer some really safe and enjoyable exercise options to our pregnant mums.

Rejuvenate - this is our rehab focused class. We take our injured or clients carrying a particular condition (oesto conditions etc) and carry out individual programs desgined to cater for their rehab. 

Privates - thses are 1:1 pilates sessions totally designed for the individual clients. 

Tell us about your team at Belle Movement?

 My team are amazing! 

We all have very different styles and that is so great for our clients. They get a great variety. 

Sarah - she is super flowy in her approach to classes. She uses a lot of visual imagery and cues. Her background is massage therapy and you feel that in her classes! 

Bec - Bec is super creative in her approach. Loves to use 1 prop per class and stick with it. Always coming up with great ways to mix up traditional exercises. 

Emma - Em is our resident exercise physiologist. She is amazing. Clinical in her approach and my my, do you burn in her classes! 

Jenna - Me! I am not sure how to describe myself. I love moving. I love my clients and I like to make them feel like they can do anything! 

AND probably most importantly 

Renne, Beck, Christine & Laura - our amazing baby whisperers! With our whom we could not do what we do! 

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio?

Without a doubt, the community. This community is amazing. 

I get lost for words when I think of how to describe it. It is just great. 

Tell us the most unique thing about your studio.

There are 3 things! 

1) The playdate - as far as I know, I think we are one of only a few with this set up. 

2) Our classes - we really mix it up and try to give our clients a wide and varied experience, which can drift away from traditional pilates at times. 

3) The community.  

Are MoveActive Grip Socks a must when attending classes? If so, which style is the clear favourite?

They certainly are! We always try to stock different colours and styles each time and they all disappear very quickly! So I can't pinpoint a particular style. But I can say - they looovee colour! 

What advice would you give to someone struggling to commit to attending classes?

You never regret the classes you do, only the ones you don't. 

Just do the thing! 

What's the best thing about practising Pilates every day?

You feel so strong! You feel energised. You feel like you are a few cm's taller! (which I need hahaha) 

Do you have any online tutorials or classes people can do from home?


Yes!! Belle has just gone online in light of the recent crisis! 

We are doing group classes so everyone can feel a part of the community again! It is such an exciting thing to be launching at a time like now as it gives people that appointment! The chance to do something for themselves, their physical health and their mental health! 

Do you have any exciting events or plans coming up?

Launching Belle online is something that I don;t think I would have ever had the courage to do without a little push. 


Once all this madness is over - Opening the doors again to my beloved members and clients! Belle really is an awesome place! 



0434 406 308
Shop 70 – 72 “The Galleria” Cnr Schnapper Rd & Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach.