'Meet the MoveActive Ambassadors' - Tess Coniglio

Home Town: Miami, QLD

Profession: Clinical and group Pilates teacher

Instagram handle: @tess__moves

We are excited to have you part of our team! Tell us a little about yourself? How did you find your way into the Pilates/movement industry ? 

I’ve practised Pilates for the better half of 10 years and worked in the retail industry with multiple hats from management to visual merchandising. I realised my joy and drive was more suited at the gym then anywhere else – so I enrolled in my cert 4 in Pilates with the legendary Breathe Edu to develop my practise and knowledge further. I’ve been teaching movement for almost 3 years now and finishing up my clinical diploma in Pilates this year.

What is your favourite form of movement?

Pilates has given me the confidence and freedom to trust my body which is why it is my favourite form of movement. I also enjoy a good weight session at the gym, I don’t shy away from lifting heavy sh*t so expect a little of that in my classes on the reformer.

What does movement mean to you? How do you apply this to the way you teach? 

Movement to me hasn’t always been inclusive, I’ve felt less then and treated like I need to look a certain way. I’m passionate about facilitating space for people to move freely with empowerment and joy, I’m incredibly lucky to work for some studios who share this vision. It doesn't matter what movement looks like, enjoy how it feels, move in a way that works for you. I strive to collaborate with the bodies in front of me so they feel seen, challenged and respected. 

Tell us why you love MoveActive?

Their products are great + high quality, every MoveActive product has performed well and aged well. Being a local business is high on my values, I love that MoveActive is Melbourne based. I also think its important for businesses to reassess the impact they have on our planet and MoveActive has really evolved with reducing their plastic usage with composable + recycled packaging 

 Do you have a favourite pair of grip socks or products? 

Purple Dove crew socks are my fave, I love to wear crew socks the most 😊 


Do you have a favourite MoveActive product?  

So hard to pick just one! I wear my crew grips whilst teaching Barre and Pilates to keep me nice Crew grippy socks are my absolute favourites, I pretty much wear them all year round. I also love the cork yoga blocks which I use regularly when I'm down on the mat.


Who is your career mentor? 

That's a good question!

Firstly, Cat Webb - Good friend, boss + owner of Good Times Pilates
She literally took me under her wing when i first had thoughts of changing career, she gave me my first job as a reformer teacher. She's been not only a mentor in movement but a business mentor as I have plans to open my own space and has been an absolute legend in teaching me all there is to running a successful business.
Secondly, Health Lander - A Breathe Edu teacher trainer, currently guiding me through the Diploma in Clinical Pilates. I've also done many workshops he does through Contrology Collective, I've achieved some bad-ass movement with him, something I'm so proud of.
Lastly, there are so many empowering, inclusive + joyful teachers out there. I think in a sense we learn from each other, we are in an industry that is forever evolving to do better by people and so the learning should never stop.