Look Good, Feel Good. Sizzle In the Latest Pilates Accessories.

So Easter’s come and gone. Whether you lived your best life by drowning in a delicious ocean of chocolate bunnies, or you were more behaved and resisted temptation (do these people actually exist? And what are their secrets? I have questions!) the quicker you get back into your normal routine, the better you will feel. If you need extra motivation to get on the balanced diet and exercise bandwagon, why not fake it to you make it? Look good and feel good by sizzling in the latest pilate’s accessories.

Whether you’re a humble beginner on your pilates journey or doing swan dives in your sleep, getting back in the “zone” is a helluva lot easier when you’re equipped with the right tools. Sit down, relax. Pour a herbal tea. We’ve found the latest and greatest pilates accessories that will ensure you feel like the pilates rockstar you are, and improve your performance as well. Here goes;

Latest Pilates Non-slip Are The Latest Pilates Accessories

As much as I follow the life affirmation of “Eat. Sleep. Kmart. Repeat.” religiously, the cheap and cheerful Kmart range of socks won’t cut it if you’re serious about your pilate’s principle. They simply don’t have the grip to help hold your poses and keep your balance or prevent you from slipping and sliding on the reformer machines and hardwood floors.

With the right non-slip socks you can take your pilates session from zero to pilates hero. Our Move Active Non-Slip Socks are not only designed with the latest seasonal trends, textures and colours, but created to drive peak performance with technical innovation as well. Rock out with your non-slip sock out, we say!


High-Waisted Yoga Pants Are Gifts From The Gods 

I’m not saying that the inventor of high-waisted yoga pants deserves the same accolades as Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison. But I’m not NOT saying it either. High-waisted yoga pants are the gift from the gods that keeps on giving. 

Whether you had an Easter chocolate egg eating stomach blow-out (try saying that ten times super-fast) or just need a little extra help looking pure fire for your next workout, these bad boys are exactly what the workout gods ordered. Match your high-waisted pant with a loose crop top or sexy sports bra and go slay Queen!

 latest pilates accessories

An Awesome Pilates Mat For Pilates On The Go

Don’t feel like facing the outside world (#otherpeoplearetheworst)? Or are you on the go without a studio in sight? The best thing about pilates is all you need is an instructional video and good pilates mat and you can destroy a work out from the comfort of your home. Or anywhere else in the world, as well!

A pilates floor routine will help you strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and reduce your risk of injury. But it’s imperative you pick a dense and thick mat. Pilates floor exercises require a significant amount of spinal rolling so you want something that provides enough cushioning for your spine to keep you comfortable and supported. 

latest pilates accessories

A Pilates BFF To Keep You Both Accountable

Can you really go past a pilates BFF to get you motivated and back in your routine, quicker than you can say “I’m never eating chocolate for breakfast again?” Knowing your buddy is relying on you to smash your workout together keeps you accountable to attend. It pushes you to continue when you want to give up and gives you the support you need to be your best pilates self. And you know, a little harmless gossiping never goes astray!

latest pilates accessories


Mix It Up With A New Discipline

In the early 20th Century when Joseph Pilates first developed the physical fitness system that we know as pilates,  it’s unlikely he could have predicted the popularity of it in our world today. Pilates is used for everything and anything. It helps those who suffer back pain, osteoarthritis, and posture related problems. It is used considerably by dancers and other athletes including Olympians, boxers and more, to reduce injury and improve movement control.

With so many different types of pilates why not shake it up and give the other principles a go.  If you’ve been focusing on floor pilates, why not try that reformer class? If you’ve been on the reformer a little while in a beginners capacity, why not head on up to the advanced lesson?. Or if you really want to mix it up, why not try aerial yoga/pilates? You'll feel like a Circus De Soliel performer while getting a full body workout too!


A Positive Attitude Is The Best Accessory 

Last, but definitely not least, the best accessory you can have for any of your pilates workouts is a positive attitude. Sometimes when we’ve been thrown out of our routine because of Easter or whatever else, it can be a little slow getting back into it. Or sometimes our bodies aren't always coming to party, and is making it more challenging than we are used to. 

Sometimes we can smash out a workout easily and other times it's more of a struggle. Either way, you have to listen to your mind and body. Keep a positive attitude, love your body no matter, and just keep going! You got this!

latest pilates accessories

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